The value of SAAGA Membership

Levies at Work


SAAGA is an association run by avocado growers for avocado growers and membership is open to all persons who have an interest in the industry.

SAAGA enables the industry to achieve things that individuals are unable to achieve on their own with the view that in the long term, what is good for the industry, is good for the individual.


Avocado research funded by SAAGA is held in high regard internationally. SAAGA‘s research priorities are determined annually with inputs from its technical committee, grower members and extension staff. Current research projects include:

  • Generation of data to support an application to raise the EU MRL for phosphonic acid.
  • Alternative post-harvest fungicides.
  • More accurate determination of irrigation requirements.
  • Monitoring and control of insect pests.
  • Optimising post harvest quality.
  • Precision management of Phytophtora root rot.
  • Development of a rapid screening technique for white root rot, Rosellina necatrix.


Research results are presented at SAAGA’s annual research symposium and published in the SAAGA year book.

SAAGA’s involvement in the Avocado Nurserymen’s Association’s plant improvement scheme is aimed at improving the quality of nursery trees through regular nursery audits. The names of accredited nurseries are published in the Subtrop Journal to guide growers in sourcing good plant.

Technical Services


As a result of SAAGA’s membership of the Subtropical Growers’ Association (Subtrop), SAAGA members have access to extension officers in all the major production regions.

These extension officers operate mainly through regional study groups. Farm visits are carried out on request. Technical information is also provided through newsletters and the member’s section of


The SAAGA board, which is democratically elected by growers in the various regions, is focused on ensuring that SAAGA’s levies are used as effectively as possible to assist avocado growers to maintain the profitability of their operations.

Cost Effective Services
Market Development


Since the mid-1990’s, SAAGA has funded campaigns to increase consumer awareness of the healthfulness and culinary versatility of avocados. Public relations campaigns through consumer and trade media locally and in Europe have helped ensure that the public knows about avocados and is constantly reminded about them. With growing production, continued profitability is reliant on increasing consumption.

Avocados are very regularly featured in the South African media as a result of SAAGA’s consistent campaigns over the years.


Over the past decade, SAAGA has funded research on fruit fly and other phytosanitary pests, which will enable South African avocados to access new markets such as the USA and Japan. Access to new markets requires government to government processes.

SAAGA, through Subtrop supplies information to relevant government departments to facilitate this process. Without SAAGA’s inputs, initiatives to access new markets would not progress.

Market Access
Marketing Information


Through cooperation with all the major countries supplying avocados to the EU, as well as exporters and packhouses, SAAGA is able to provide information that allows growers, exporters, packers and importers to plan exports to avoid supply peaks which result in market crashes. Without this information, orderly growth in the market would not be able to take place.

A decade ago, the European market could only accommodate 600,000 4kg cartons per week at reasonable prices. Currently the market is able to accommodate 3 million cartons per week.


Study groups are held in the different production regions and allow growers to learn from each other and industry experts.

SAAGA, together with the South African Litchi and Mango Grower Associations, is a member of the Subtropical Growers’ Association (Subtrop). Subtrop membership benefits SAAGA by the effective use of resources through shared management, administration and technical services.

Study Groups
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