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What is the Avocado Ambassador? 
To celebrate the South African Avocado Growers’ Association’s (SAAGA) 50th year they will be recognising two South African journalists who shine above the rest as Avocado Ambassadors.   This journalists must be true advocates of the locally grown avocado and its merits.  The nominated Avocado Ambassadors will be chosen according to their quality in content written about avocados, visual appeal and the overall promotion of avocados.  CLICK HERE to read more

Information for Members

SAAGA’s Vision is to grow its status as a world class supplier of avocados to the global and domestic market.


SAAGA’s Vision is to grow its status as a world class supplier of avocados to the global and domestic market.

SAAGA aims to provide its members with acceptable growth and returns in a sustainable industry, while meeting the needs of its growers, service providers and customers in an environmentally responsible way.

SAAGA aims to achieve this Vision through the medium of voluntary cooperation, facilitation of communication between stakeholders, and provision of pertinent information to this industry.

Avos in Season



Olé! Add an avo to your plate with Mexican-inspired guacamole

Guacamole. It’s the tantalising topping no self-respecting corn chip can live without. The life of the party, it’s also the ultimate fuss-free dip, adding zing to crisps, zest to shrimp and taking crudités to dizzyingly delicious new heights.

Quickly and easily made from mashed fresh avocados and seasonings such as lime or lemon juice, garlic and cilantro, velvety guacamole is not only perfect for busy hostesses, but busy moms too. It makes a fine lunch or suppertime accompaniment to everything from haloumi and mozzarella sticks to baked potatoes, pastas and pizzas.

With the SA Avocado Growers’ Association (SAAGA) telling us to ‘add an avo’ to all our dishes this avo season, guacamole provides the ideal way to do just that.

In addition to being extremely versatile, this saucy side is pretty well travelled too. It’s believed to have originated among the ancient Aztecs in Mexico, where avos were revered as aphrodisiacs and for their bountiful health benefits. The Spanish were said to have then picked it up here while exploring the New World and taken it back to Europe with them. Meanwhile, back home, word of Nahuatl āhuacamolli or avocado sauce spread, and soon guacamole found a following among communities throughout South and North America.

One of its greatest fan bases is actually in the USA, where guacamole is today considered the traditional Super Bowl Sunday snack. It’s estimated around 8 million pounds of guacamole are eaten every Super Bowl Sunday, accompanied by 14 500 tons of chips. The delightful dip has become so popular in the States that it even has its own national holiday on 16 September as well as an official Facebook page.

In South Africa, you can enjoy fresh guacamole made with home grown avos virtually all year long. Choose from the green-skinned cultivars Fuerte, Pinkerton and Ryan, available from March to August, or the gorgeously nutty-flavoured dark-skinned Hass, which is available from June to November.


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SAAGA Avocado Recipe eBook


Download the SAAGA Recipe eBook:

SAAGA Avocado Recipe eBook

10 Fun Facts about South Africa

South Africa is full of beauty. The diverse and stunning scenic landscapes, the wonderful weather, the friendly locals and the vibrant cities. There are also many well known locations which draw tourists such as the awe-inspiring Cango Caves, the Valley of Desolation and of course the lush Garden Route.

But South Africa also has it’s fair share of unusual, strange and down right weird objects, formations and customs. Below is a short list of some common and uncommon things, as well as a few interesting facts.

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